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In the construction of buildings and infrastructure, it is essential to use Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes and tubes. These are made from coils of steel calculation that have been welded longitudinally together in order to form the product. In general, ERW pipes and tubes can be of any size and their versatility makes them suitable for a wide variety of industries due to their adaptability. A typical range of sizes that may be manufactured is between 3.2mm and 0.6m in diameter, and larger sizes may be manufactured based on your requirements.


When welding GP pipes and tubes, the flat steel sheets are formed into cylindrical forms by working with them and spinning them into cylinders. This is the process of making ERW pipes and tubes. Then the two edges of the coil are welded together by using pressure and heat generated by either an electric current flowing through the seam directly or by using induction generated by a magnetic field. An ERW pipe is distinguished from a seamless pipe by its seam.

Having galvanize pipes vs tubes and coating the pipe and tube with zinc increases the life expectancy of the pipe and tube and enhances its resistance to corrosion. This increases its resistance to mineral deposits that can accumulate along the line. This is a material that has been used in home plumbing for decades. It is used in water supply lines and has been around for years in homes as well.

what is galvanized pipe & Benefits Of Galvanized Tubes and Pipes

What are ERW GP Pipes & Tubes and What are their Uses
  • Suitable for large construction projects

Whenever it comes to projects that are large in scope, then there is no better alternative than Gi Pipes. Whether your project involves constructing a massive building, a manufacturing facility, or irrigation systems, metal tubes such as these make for the perfect piping solution.

Due to their strength, tough composition, as well as their durability appeal, these steel boxes are most suitable for large projects because of their anti abrasion and anti corrosion properties.

Furthermore, plated pipes generally have a larger diameter, which makes them quite suitable for places that are small and tight, and as such, they make the best piping for these types of places especially. You are also advised to get in touch with one of the best structural steel dealers in Chennai in order to avail these types of pipes at the best possible price.

  • Low Cost Piping Solution

Since the process of galvanization is one of the cheapest that is used for protecting steel or iron, tubes made from this process usually cost quite a bit less than tubes made from other methods. A large part of this is also due to the fact that other methods of protecting steel are labor-intensive, which leads to an overall higher cost in processing steel. As opposed to that, the galvanizing pipes process is quite hassle-free, it requires a much lighter operation, and the cost of the pipes isn’t that much higher.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Gi pipes maintain their durability and functionality for a long period of time due to their toughness and ruggedness. Since these pipes are not corroded and they are resistant to impact as well as leaks, they always prove cheaper in the long run. The Gi pipes are made with zinc coating that ensures the pipe’s properties are maintained for a considerable amount of time and require only minimal maintenance to maintain their quality.

The low maintenance of these machines also means that their overall costs remain reasonably low during their lifetime. Because of this fact, they have proven to be a more practical option for applications located in remote places and where fixing them becomes extremely difficult.

  • Meets Quality Standards

Galvanized steel pipes and iron bundle build pipes are readily available in the market today and can be found in most cities nationwide. Galvanized pipes and tubes meet rigorous quality standards which makes them highly reliable. Every manufacturer is required to comply with specific quality parameters while fabricating the pipes in addition to offering accurate quality standards.

It is easy for them to predict precisely both the lifespan and the functional value of the conduits. This information is extremely useful for the customers and enables them to make more informed decisions regarding which tubing will be the most suitable for their needs.

  • Some Other Benefits

In order to inspect the galvanization process, certain procedures can be undertaken as well as a method of checking the thickness of the pipe is quite easy to use thanks to its ability to be examined easily.

A zinc coating on the pipes is provided through the process of galvanization, as this zinc coat is equipped with a metallurgical composition that makes the pipe sturdy and long lasting. The coating has a metallurgical composition that ensures that it does not rust.

The most pleasing feature about galvanized conduits is that they have a thin exterior coating that make the tube quite compact, which makes it extremely resistant to damage even if these conduits are in the most extreme conditions. And because of the thin appearance of the tube, it does not have any possibility of being damaged from corners.

There are three standards in which galvanization is carried out: 4680 Australia/New Zealand standard. There are a number of standards available, but this one is the most reliable of all, and therefore helps to ensure the reliability of the pipes. Each standard has its own specifications and each predicts the life cycle of a conduit quite accurately.

Summary – The process of galvanizing involves coating a metal with zinc in order to strengthen it, even according to their intended use. Because these modified piping are coated with zinc, they offer a variety of benefits over steel and iron that are treated using other methods to strengthen them.

Uses Of Erw Tube Vs Pipe

What are ERW GP Pipes & Tubes and What are their Uses
  • This technology has been utilized in a wide range of industries from the construction of infrastructure such as airports and railway stations to the manufacturing of refinery plants and automobiles.
  • ERW G P Pipes are used in buildings in mountainous and coastal regions because of their strength and resistance to corrosion and rust. These factors are factors that make them ideal for such environments.
  • To make roofs more energy efficient, they are being used in place of wood in roofing structure designs.
  • They are easily installed and come in a variety of sizes. This makes them a great fit for prefabricated structures that are prefabricated, such as sheds and warehouse elevation drawing that need to be maintained.
  • A wide variety of agricultural implements, solar tracking systems, gym equipment, and construction equipment are made of them.
  • These couplings and axles find use both in the production of automobiles and in the construction of trucks and bodies.
  • In addition, they can be used in more advanced construction products that include fencing, railing, scaffolding, windows and double door frames, ducting, furniture such as tables and benches, and even equipment for fire fighting as well.