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What is Corten Steel sheet and its Benefits

As the name implies, Corten Steel is a low-alloy, high-strength outdoor steel that is used for a wide range of purposes and is considered one of the weathering steels due to its superior corrosion resistance. Once weathered, it develops a rusty appearance, reducing the need for painting the steel.

What Is Corten Steel?

For all practical purposes, this group of steels offers the same benefits for most landscape industry applications. For all practical purposes, Corten Steel covers both the original COR-TEN product and other generic grades of cor-ten weathering steel

This type of steel has two distinguishing characteristics: corrosion resistance and tensile strength, which is why it is sold under the registered trademark COR-TEN. Due to Corten’s special alloy combination and production method, it retains strength and does not need to be corten paint because it is corrosion-resistant.

US Steel holds the registered trademark for COR-TEN, and SSAB [Swedish Steel] also produces the steel under license. The so-called CR material [2.5mm and below] is rolled in Sweden, whereas the HR material [3mm to 30mm] is rolled in Finland – these are the specific materials that IOTA uses, where COR-TEN Steel is specified.

Would you be interested in adding a steel building to your property? If so, and if you’re looking for a durable option, you’ll want to consider Corten steel. We at Bunger Steel specialize in the fabrication of custom-built steel buildings, and we are proud to offer Corten steel as one of our many materials options. It is possible for you to make a more informed decision about your building if you understand the material as well as its many benefits.

What is Corten Steel sheet and its Benefits

Known commonly as weathering steel, Corten steel is highly resistant to rusting and pitting when exposed to the elements. In order to protect itself from corrosion, this steel forms an oxide coating that protects it. Corten steel is extremely durable and resistant to a wide range of corrosions, which makes it very suitable for building bridges. In addition to its superior efficiency and long-lasting service life, it also comes at a much lower cost than conventional steel. Additionally, silicon, nickel, chromium, phosphorus, and copper will be added as well.

Benefits of Corten Steel

  • One of the most impressive qualities of Corten steel is the fact that it is resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent material choice for structures like bridges that will be exposed to a wide range of corrosive elements over the course of their life.


  • During the process of rusting, corten steel undergoes what is known as beneficial corrosion, where the rusting normally associated with steel actually serves a protective purpose.

  • Aside from its exceptional strength and low maintenance requirements, corten steel is also very cost-effective over the long-term in comparison with other metals.


  • Among the many uses of weathering steel is its resistance to corrosion, which makes it a good choice for building structures on your property. As soon as it is exposed to the elements, it develops a rust coating which prevents further deterioration. As a result, maintenance and repair costs can be significantly reduced, both short-term and long-term.


  • Buildings constructed from weathering steel should not be painted as the rust that forms on it acts as a protective covering. Corten steel does not require painting. It is also recommended that buildings built from weathering steel remain unpainted to reduce the maintenance costs and effort involved. Your home’s aesthetics can be enhanced by the reddish-brown hue of steel.


  • In addition to this, Corten steel is extremely durable and will not rust. Corten steel can be used for large, load-bearing buildings and other heavy structures. This makes it an excellent material for a variety of different types of structures that might be built on your property.
What is Corten Steel sheet and its Benefits

Applications & Uses of Corten Steel

Sculptures, corten fence, bollards, gates, signposts, roofing, siding, stormwater management, garden designs, landscapes, special industry conditions, large types of machinery exposed to the atmosphere, such as coal mining machinery, engine machinery, construction, bridges, containers, railway wagons, sulfuric acid dew points, and shipping containers, are just some of the many places where Corten steel can be found.

Rusting capabilities of corten steel

  • Even though corten steel is known for its high resistance to corrosion, it is still susceptible to corrosion over time.

  • It is important to realize the durability of Corten steel, as well as the rate at which it develops its protective layer of rust, is heavily influenced by the surrounding environment. Within six months of being exposed to the elements, Corten steel will often start to rust or patina.

  • In order for most varieties of metal weathering steel to develop and oxidize, they need to be exposed to cycles of wet and dry weather for as long as possible.

  • There is a reason why Corten steel can last for decades or centuries, thanks to the protective rust that forms on its surface, which prevents corrosion from occurring.

  • A solution of salt, vinegar, and peroxide can be used to speed up the rusting of Corten steel by soaking it in seawater or a solution of salt, vinegar, and peroxide.

  • As corten steel naturally develops a protective layer of rust, it can withstand a wide range of corrosive environments without suffering significant damage due to the natural rusting process. In addition to pitting corrosion, uniform corrosion, galvanic corrosion, stress cracking corrosion (SCC), intergranular corrosion (IGC), crevice corrosion, etc., there are many other types of corrosion.

advantage of corten steel

  • Low Maintenance: 

In order to expose weathering steel, periodic cleaning and inspection is all that’s needed. The weathering steel members can be cleaned regularly if strong rains are applied properly. Water is used to wash away any natural debris or contamination from rusted corten steel surfaces during periodic cleaning.

  •  Long Term Cost Savings & Performance 

The durability of the material ensures that structures and buildings built up to 50 years ago can save money over the long run. DOTs and transportation structures around the world use it because of its long-term cost savings. In addition to eliminating the expensive costs associated with painting, using this material eliminates the whole life costs of onsite paint maintenance by using its living, protective nature. 

  • Environmental Benefits (LEED Credits)

Weathered steel is a sustainable building product that offers a wide range of LEED certifications due to the reduction of VOC emissions associated with paint coatings and cleaning methods. Our product exceeds LEED requirements for MR 4.1/4.2, MR 2.1/2.2, MR 5.2/5.2 credits, as well as other green qualities including 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. Environmental benefits will be listed in each project specification.

  • Dynamic Appearance and corten texture

Adding aged weathering steel to a building adds another dimension to its appearance. The patina can change multiple times from a dry state to a wet state (and back again), giving it a sense of depth and wonder. As you become aware of the subtle appearance hiding behind the exposed surfaces, you will begin to recognize its underlying beauty.  

  • Minimizing Cost & Lead Time

If you want to minimize overall cost and lead times, corten steel in its raw form is the best option. In the beginning, flash rust forms over raw corten steel when it is clad, and it runs off and bleeds onto adjacent surfaces. A gutter or catch system can be included in the design to reduce this risk by hiding or transferring loose ferrites.

  • Corrosion Resistance

Because weathering steel is alloyed with copper, nickel, and chrome, it is corrosion resistant. Due to moisture and air, steel types other than stainless steel may rust at different rates, which will not provide protection. This type of rust is extremely porous and can fall off the material over time.

  • Appearance

The orange-red color of the protective rust layer is one of the most appealing aspects of weathering steel.

Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice. Corten is a very low maintenance steel, making it an excellent choice for bridges that require difficult or dangerous maintenance or that require a low level of disruption on roads or railways. Because corten siding

 does not require painting, it can be constructed faster than other types of steel.